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“We Help Farmers In Southern Africa To Raise The Best Tasting Free Range Pork Products In The World”

On the Home Page at the official website of the Free range Pork Association at: http://frpa.org.za you will find more information on what we do.

In Short:


“We promote Free Range Pig Farming in South Africa and help small family farmers to raise pigs outside in a way that allows the pigs to express their natural instinctive behaviours. We do this by setting standards for the Free-Range Pork Industry to secure the best tasting and mouth-watering pork for the caring and discerning consumer.”

The FRPA (Free Range Pork Association: South Africa) defines Free Range Pig Farming as follows:

Free Range Pig Farming means that pigs are KEPT OUTDOORS in big enough camps (areas) where they can eat, sleep and play outside for their entire lives to allow them to express their natural instinctive behaviours.

You can also read THIS BLOG article for details information on Free Range Pork In South Africa. 

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